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If you ever thought about a change of residence, especially if you came to the idea of moving somewhere in Europe, then probably first questions that you had were “where to start?” “What to do?” Or “how carry out ……? “

First of all, of course, it is necessary to decide which country is more suitable for you and your family.

What does make Finland attractive?

I will only list the main points: ecology, democracy, qualified medical care, high level of education (which is free), lack of corruption, high standard of living, one of the biggest indicators on life expectancy in the world, stability, and, of course, the quality of Finnish goods, services and most importantly food.

If you from Russia you can add the following to the determining factors in favor of choosing Finland:

  • boarder with Russia;
  • simple procedure for real estate ownership;
  • very low crime rate.

If all of the above suits you and your lifestyle requirements, Finland is definitely your country. You will feel comfortable and safe here.

AlvinSuomi OY will help you to make your dream of moving to Finland and settling in a new place come true.